My 2019 Bullet Journal + January Spread

Over the past couple of years, I have begun dabbling in bullet journalling. I’ve always loved stationary and keeping a planner in school. I’ve also always been highly reflective, creativity-inclined, and goal-oriented, so bullet journalling felt like a natural fit for me. I’m also attracted to the fact that it is something I could make and hold in my hands since so much of my time is spent online.

In total, I had created three monthly spreads before this month, for June 2017, September 2018, and October 2018. Each time felt like an experiment. When I was first starting out, I didn’t know what page elements I would want or need during the month. I didn’t know what was practical and or what would work for me.

I’m not going to lie, I did not complete filling out any of these previous spreads, abandoning each project at some point during the month. But each time I started a new one, I got closer to the right layout and elements for me.

In this blog post, I will share my inspiration, my January spread, and my rationale for what I decided to include in my bullet journal this month.

My Method

I was recently watching AmandaRachLee‘s 2018 Journal Flip Through for ideas when I came to an important realization. While I love her artistic style and creativity in spreads, I do not feel motivated to make my bullet journal a planner. I don’t have many important dates to remember each month and prefer to keep an actual paper calendar on my desk for quick reference.

Rather my aim with my bullet journal to track progress on my projects over time, to brainstorm, to keep a log of the things I want to do and actually do. Some people also make their bullet journal their diary, but I personally am keeping that in a separate notebook. I treat my bullet journal more as a physical manifestation of a online blog, highly selective and curated towards what I want to share and remember.

If you’re interested in starting a bullet journal, I highly recommend:

  1. Immersing yourself in the bullet journal communities in the blogosphere, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and on YouTube. There are a lot of fun ideas to parse through and only you know what spreads will work best for you.
  2. Practicing first in journals you already have. You don’t need to buy special notebooks or pens when you are just starting out! It will most likely just psyche you out anyway if you have perfectionist tendencies; you will be too anxious not to make mistakes.
  3. Using sticky notes to organize your layout. Some people like to create story board-like rough drafts before they start putting pen officially to paper, but I find sticky notes work just as well. After I list all the page elements I want, I go through my journal and figure out where things will fit most naturally.

I went back and forth with the idea of buying a new notebook for my bullet journal this year. The specific one on my wish list was the Scribbles That Matter A5 dotted notebook. It was only $20, but money was tight over the holidays and I wanted to buy gifts for my loved ones instead. *le sigh*

Also, the more I thought about it, I realized using a regular notebook would work just as well. It would be my gimmick if I started dedicating more of my blog-space and focus to journalling. So I looked through my small collection of notebooks I had collected over the years and decided to use a more recently acquired journal, my Target decomposition notebook. It’s a nice size and makes me happy every time I look at it.

One negative to this notebook is that my pen ink (Pilot G-2, fine, ball-point) bleeds through the pages quite easily. My current solution is to tape pages together so I do not need to worry about the visibility of the ink marks. It feels a little wasteful of page space, but I figure I might find better solution later on this year. I know there’s liquid paper I could paint over the back, and I could also start gluing in loose leaf.

My January 2019 Spread

I decided to make clouds my January theme because it’s been a very rainy winter in Texas this year and because I always feel like I always have my head in the clouds, especially around the new year. Clouds carry a lot of symbolic meaning.

I did not come up with this theme on my own. My spread is heavily inspired by my bujo idol AmandaRachLee‘s April 2018 set-up, from the distinct cloud design to specific page elements like the mood tracker. Where I deviated was primarily in the actual layout. I don’t love drawing out calendars, so my spreads have elements that lend themselves better to list formats and brain dumps.

Directly after the main page, I have a page for my mood and habit trackers. I find it enlightening to be able to see at a glance how happy or unhappy I was during a month, particularly since I generally end the month without remembering everything that went on. I’m still working out how I want to visually depict my mood (e.g. via size of rain drop, length dropped, or color shade of blue-grey).

I used to make my habit trackers a simple table that would take up half a page. I decided to try out this mini-calendar design to better be able to see how consistently I was sticking to the daily habits I wanted to nurture.

Next up is my two-column January event planner. I break it up into personal and blog categories for better spatial organization. Personal plans might be related to work, appointments, or social events. For the blog section, I like to keep track of the blog posts I plan to write. Once they are complete and published, I go over the final titles in ink so I can see at a glance what went up that month.

Next to my plans, I like to be able to see the specific goals I set for the month. The ones shown in the picture below (see page on the right) were ideas I had last week before I hurt my back. I plan to get to them once I’m 100% again!

I also like to keep space for brain dump. Here I record any special ideas I might have regarding writing, blogging, or any number of my projects. It’s not a lot of space, but I do find that it’s enough room key ideas that remind me what I was thinking at the time.

The newest addition to my monthly spread a place for weekly notes and to-do lists. Many people allot space for diary-like notes they want to remember. I personally see myself just writing to-do lists and short life highlights. I folded a page in half to reduce the number of times I would have to draw the side-bar calendar. 

I have still been thinking about how I want to use this space, so I’ve not applied much ink beyond the side-bar calendar. I do think it will be a place to keep track of what I end up doing each day or maybe job positions for which I apply.

 ☙ ❧ End Note ❧ ☙

I hope you liked this blog post! I have been wanting to start talking about bullet journalling on this blog for a long time. In case anyone’s interested, I think I will try to share a flip through this spread at the end of the month with some more commentary about how well my set-up worked. I’d also like to start doing more focused posts about the set-up of my bullet journals.

I will be back this weekend most likely with a writing update + 2019 writing plans. I have a post on my recent reads that is nearly complete, but I think that I will not be able to finish the last book I want to talk about until after this weekend.

Do you bullet journal? How do create your monthly spreads? Is your set-up organized entirely differently?


Blogger Aesthetics | Blog Tag

In case you didn’t know, it was a goal of my mine to work on my blogger aesthetic this month by establishing a theme I like and even some awesome unique graphics. Halfway into July, I still wasn’t sure how to tackle this design challenge. Then I discovered Sara @ The Bibliophagist once again tagged me so very sweetly for another cool blog tag that I realized provided me with a great opportunity to brainstorm and to generate another fun blog post to share!

I’ve long been a big fan of aesthetic boards I see for books and so desperately wish I had time, eye, and organizational talent to collect gorgeous images and compile them in ways that capture the atmosphere of books I love and even my own WIPs.

 • • • The Rules • • •

  1. Collect any number of images that you feel represent you as a person—your personality, aspirations, favorite things, anything at all that makes you you.
  2. Put your chosen images together into a collage of whatever size and shape you find pleasing.
  3. Share your masterpiece with everyone, in all the places.
  4. Maybe nominate other bloggers as a way to tell them, “Hey, you, I think you’re awesome, and we should celebrate that awesomeness.”

*  ⁎   My Collage   ⁎ * 

  • Books | Well, I’m a book blogger, so it goes without saying that I love books.
  • Coffee | I don’t think I’m dependent on coffee, but I do not feel like I’ve started a productive day off right without drinking some!
  • Lights | I’ve never been a fan of overhead lights, so I’ve always loved lamps. My most recent lamp is a little cat shaped one I bought at 2nd and Charles earlier this year with in-store credit from un-hauling some books!
  • Design | Art was always one of my favorite subjects and I regret so quickly writing it off as a major in college. I still really like drawing every now and then and would like to do it more in a digital sense, which is why I bought a drawing tablet.
  • Stationary | I’ve always been one of the those people would buy beautiful new notebooks and then scarcely use them. But I’ve gotten better! I use them now, and keep my buying to a minimum.
  • Writing | As you may have gathered from my Novel Progress post earlier this week, I am writing a novel. The image I used to represent my writing interest is a cut-off snippet of a Fantasy/Sci-Fi interactive narrative I wrote for a creative writing class in grad school a couple of years ago!
  • Dogs | I’ve grown up in a family that has always had at least one dog at a time and love them dearly. Currently we have an 11-year-old German Shepherd, Apollo, and a 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier-mix called Ty who we adopted as a rescue when he was about a year old. Ty is my little pal.
  • Florals | I used wear a lot of florals, but now I mostly decorate my room with them. I’m not into really effeminate designs, more so the odd and interesting ones. I got the Van Gogh print in college and still have it!
  • Technology | I still like to think I’ll work with technology some day, which is why I like to review apps that relate to my interests on occasion. I’ve used the DuoLingo app a lot this year to learn Spanish and German. (I may start blogging about my progress soon!)

I tag:

Cailin @ Rose Petal Pages | Lily @ Sprinkle of Dreams | Elle @ Writing for Life | Melissa @ The Bookish Wanderer

No pressure on anyone I tagged to complete this tag! It’s kind of time-consuming and I recognize not everyone might find it so fun. I used a mix of my own images and ones I found online. I also used PicMonkey to make the collage, but feel free to use anything else you like better.

❧ ☙ END NOTE ☙ ❧

I hoped you enjoyed this little post and thank you again to Sara for tagging me! Since I’m posting more often and regularly, I thought it’d be a good idea to start writing a Weekly Review that compiles all the posts that go up, everything I read, and some little life notes for anyone who is interested in what happened behind-the-scenes that week. So you can expect that bright and early tomorrow (~6 a.m. CST)!

Thank you for reading!
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