+ Make Me Read It Reviews

A lot of times with popular, newly released books I require an extra push to read it. Each month I will provide a list of books I have available to me and read the one with the most votes across Twitter and on the blog, then I’ll write a book review about the experience! (This feature is based on the annual summer read-a-thon co-created by Ely @ Tea & Titles and Val @ The Innocent Smiley!)

+ From Words to Pixels

New media offers opportunities to take storytelling to new levels. Film has long been a medium that takes books and adapts them into audio-visual stories. In this feature I will draw showcase how books and classic stories (like myths and fairytales) are developed for a medium which utilizes pixels such as games.

+ Betwined Recs

This feature gets to the heart of why I started this book blog: to share the connections I make between books and other sorts of readings that may not seem immediately clear. In this feature I will highlight themes or aspects of a specific (perhaps more recently popular) book and recommend other (potentially lesser known) reads that I think readers would also enjoy.

+ Meet the Book Blogger

I very passionately believe that the book blogging community is a special corner of the internet because members not only like to broadcast their thoughts and opinions but discuss them and those of others. For this monthly feature I intend to reach out to book bloggers who I think do something unique or special and interview them for a post to help spread word about their blog or issues they are passionate about.

+ DIY Bookish Crafts

A lot of small businesses have popped up making bookish merchandise that I love to look at but don’t have the spare money to spend. Since one of my favorite things to do is arts & crafts or anything that allows me to exercise my creativity, I will use this feature to show you how to make some cool bookish crafts. (Feel free to offer up any suggestions if there’s something you want me to investigate how to make without breaking the bank.)