Affiliate Disclaimer

I do not yet have any affiliations to disclose, but I am looking into options and aim to be super transparent from the outset. Maintaining trust with my blog readers and friends is of the utmost importance to me, so I will never include links for products, services, or resources that I do not think are valuable.

Nor do I intend to sully my blog with a flood of ads!

If I include an affiliate link on any blog post, it will lead to an outside source which will display a product or service available for your purchase. If you click on the link (and eventually end up buying something within a specific time frame), I may receive a small commission.

Why affiliate marketing?

Well, I love blogging and want to make it a something that I can continue to do. Affiliate income will allow me to continue making and sharing the things I love with you all. I’m also hoping through these efforts that I will eventually be able to offer deals on great products or services, such as free trials or giveaways.

List of my affiliates

  • Amazon
  • CraftStash