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On Monday I was tagged by Siobhan @ Novelties to share my good reading habits in the My Good Reading Habits Tag. Since it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog tag and these posts can be a fun way for new blog followers to get to know me, I decided to do it!

From the outset, I wasn’t sure if I had many good reading habits. I’m not a very consistent reader or blogger, so I worried what kinds of things I could list. But then I realized that there are reasons for why I am the reader that I am, and I’m very happy with how reading fits into my life these days.


I prioritize reading books that I’ve owned for a long time. 

There’s nothing worse than owning a collection of books you never end up reading. I understand the appeal of surrounding yourself with books upon books, but I think seeing books sit neglected on your bookshelves never to be read is sad. It’s also sad to think about what I could’ve done with that money at this time instead!

I support second-hand bookstores and libraries.

It can be appealing to purchase books brand new, but I find that I can often find books I want in perfectly good condition at second-hand bookstores. It benefits small businesses and can still benefit authors by showing that there is an interest in their work.

This avenue is also great for if you want to protest a problematic author or publisher by putting your money in other people’s pockets.

When I review books, I’m fair to the author and readers who can appreciate the books even when I don’t.

While I love to read negative book reviews (which I don’t particularly find a crime), I can never bring myself to write them personally. I don’t take particular joy in shaming people who put time and effort into their books. In college I learned not to speculate about what goes into a work when I’m analyzing it, so I always assume there’s been some degree of love and/or pride.

I strongly believe books can hold different meaning for different people. I know that who I am as a reader has changed throughout my life. So when I read a book and then critique it, I try to share where I’m coming from so that people who read my reviews can decide for themselves if they might like a book or not.

I DNF books that I don’t like.

It can be painful, especially if it’s a book I purchased with my own money. But if I’m not liking a book, I will put it down. It’s not the easiest decision all the time, as I do try to see the positives to finishing books even if they aren’t doing anything for me personally. But I’m past that mad rush to devour any book in my sight just to add another tally to my Read in [Insert Year Here] list.

I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone but myself. And my reading enjoyment has improved.

Tag Time

Actually, it’s confession time. I’ve not been very good at keeping up with all the lovely blogs I follow lately. There’s a hand few of people who comment on almost every blog post I publish and make me feel so loved, even though I’m so inconsistent. I feel like I’m always tagging them when I do a tag!

So today (well, Tuesday) I decided to look through the blogs I’ve most recently followed to randomly select some bloggers I don’t interact with much at all yet. Yay for new friends!

Nicole & Isis | Anthony | Czai | Carolina | Krista & Dawlyn | Zuki | Dani

(If you are tagged and have no interest in this tag, no pressure!)


I really enjoyed thinking about how I read and what habits might qualify as “good,” so thanks again to Siobhan for tagging me and Ally for creating this tag! I feel like doing more discussion-based blog posts soon, and I got kernels of ideas from doing this post.

If you decide to do this tag, please do link back to this post so I get a ping and can go read yours. Alternatively, let me know in the comments what habits we share ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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22 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits | Blog Tag

  1. Samantha Duffy

    Your last point is SOOOO important! I am currently working on being better about DNFing books I’m not enjoying. But you’re right! It is so difficult to put books down, especially if you bought them with your own money. It is a high priority for me this year, to actually put books I don’t like down, and also to block out outside opinions of books when I am reviewing them! These are some really great habits to have though!

  2. Ally Writes Things

    Ahhhh thank you so much for doing the tag!! Supporting secondhand bookshops and libraries is so important! I love secondhand books, tbh. Also being fair to the author of a book and other readers, too. It’s so annoying when reviews are just like “no one should ever read this” when what they’re pointing out is something subjective

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      Yes! <3 Coincidentally this week there was this video I watched from a new BookTuber I watch (Merphy Napier) that talked about "How To Build A Good Booktube Channel" and she also talked about how to be honest without being mean. A fun, sassy, roast of a book can be fun but not when it shames readers who liked or got something meaningful from the book.

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      That’s must be so cool to be able to look at if you’re ever curious. I generally remember year and season, but sometimes the memory slips. If I’m going to buy a book these days, though, I definitely try to read it ASAP so too much time doesn’t pass. For older ones I kind of make a seasonal “syllabus,” trying to group up older books with newer ones that I feel would be more meaningful read together.

  3. Eleanor @ On the Other Side of Reality

    I also basically only buy from second-hand stores when I buy books new. (If I can get it at the library, I do.) And whenever I’m done with a book, I donate it to book sales that help charitable organizations!

    I’m super picky with the books I read, so I don’t DNF too often. However, I do do it sometimes. I think my most recent was Sword of Summer, the first book in the Magnus Chase series.

    Great post!

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      Thanks <3 This is the goal for me, once I'm making a stable living. I love that a lot of my favorite authors go on book tours to independent bookstores and would love to start attending these events and purchasing the books there.

      One of my worst book habits is pre-ordering on Amazon. Well, not the pre-ordering…but Amazon. I know! But they're the cheapest, which I need right now D:

  4. czai

    I sometimes buy books from secondhand bookstores as well. Kind of cheaper that way for me. If we have libraries here where we can borrow books to read, I’ll definitely jump right on to that but sadly we don’t.

    I’ll get to this post as soon as I can. Thanks for the tag, Lori :)

    1. Laurel @ The Inky Saga

      I think you’re on the only blogger I tagged who I regularly interact with already lol I’m glad you want to do it!

      I don’t find new releases are much cheaper from second-hand bookstores, but they can be great for scouring classics or older books that are not “in fashion” at the moment.

      It still blows my mind to think there are places that don’t have very up-to-date libraries. It’s a privilege I don’t think we Americans realize we have. :/

  5. Zuky the BookBum

    Thanks so much for the tag! It’s gonna be tricky thinking of some GOOD book habits, I’m great at coming up with bad ones :P Although I definitely do DNF books and have never thought of that as a good habit it, but I suppose it is! :)

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  7. debjani6ghosh

    Yay for point no. 3! Unfortunately, I rarely DNF a book even when I don’t like it, because once I start a book, I want to finish it. Hoping that somehow in the end the book will redeem itself.

    1. Laurel @ The Inky Saga

      That’s understandable. I find that anytime I’ve ever managed to continue on with a book I’m hating, there’s never any redemption. Maybe surprise, but I find endings rarely redeem a poorly crafted, offensive, or boring beginning/middle.

      I feel like it’s good to know when to break away from that pressure to finish a book for the sake of finishing it ^_^

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  9. Jane @ Greenish Bookshelf

    I have come to appreciate the art of the DNF. I used to feel almost obligated to finish a book that I didn’t like but I have come to understand the value of stopping a book that doesn’t work for me. There are so many books and so little time to read the all!

    1. Laurel @ The Inky Saga

      Exactly ^_^ Time is valuable. It’s not like reading books is a competition. If you’re not liking a book and your reading time is sacred, no one should feel internal or external shame for needing to DNF a subpar book.

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