Heist Society Read-A-Thon | Weekend Reads

Happy Friday! Every Friday on Weekend Reads I like to kick off the weekend off talking about what I read the week previous and what I hope to read over the weekend. Last week I mentioned I would be observing my reading habits closely over the weekend. I ended up carrying my “experiment” over the week.

As ambitious my reading plans, I’ve realized a few things about myself as a reader. First, I’d say I treat each book I’m reading like a little project. I find I focus a lot of my mental energy on it, so much so that I don’t really find it that easy to tear my attention away and direct it towards other things. So even if the two books are completely different, I prefer not to read them at the same time.

Also, reading is not always the most attractive option to me when I have only a couple of hours to spare. I find reading works best for me when I have a longer stretch of time. So first thing in the morning if I woke up early and night-time after I’ve gotten ready for bed seemed to work best during the week. But I don’t like to read lying down much anymore, so I do find myself trying to sit up against my wall or in my comfy chair.

So I’m not most voracious reader anymore, but I don’t mind. I still love buying new books on special occasions and spending time regularly each month on a new read, but I’m not numbers motivated anymore. I’m not even really motivated to write reviews anymore, except when I’m sharing a book I think is really special.

I will continue to consider myself first and foremost a book blogger, but I’ll take pleasure in representing the more chill side of the bookish community. ^_^

 ●  ● Books Read ●  ●  

Last weekend I only started one book, Howl’s Moving Castle, and I’ve been reading it slowly all week. This book is a reread, so there’s no inherent urgency to devour the story. I’m just reading it for pure pleasure, as it’s been a few years since I last picked it up. I am really enjoying it and think I will finish it today (Friday) after work.

 ●  ● Books To Read ●  ●  

Finally! The title gets explained! Yes, I’m planning on having myself a little Heist Society read-a-thon this weekend. It’s not a part of a specific event. It’s just something I thought might be fun to do. I’ve been wanting to read these books since I bought them earlier this year and it finally feels like a great time to pick them up.

I’m hoping it will be a similar experience to last year when I read The Curse Workers trilogy. I don’t think I ever ended up talking much about those books, but I adored them. I was able to breeze through that series and really enjoy the ride.

Right now, I really just want to read fun books. I’ve completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge and there’s nothing stopping me!

 ☙ ❧ END NOTE ❧ ☙

Next week I will participating in Top Ten Tuesday again! The theme is your fall TBR, and since I’m not really doing TBRs at the start of each month anymore, I figured it’s a great opportunity to share some books I could see myself reading this season. But before that I have three blog posts planned for this weekend, so you’ll be hearing a lot more from me very soon! ^_^

What are you reading this weekend?

Have you read the Heist Society books? If so, what did you think?!

Thank you for reading!
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