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Happy Friday! And yes, I recycled last week’s Week in Review featured image, opting to turn it into the image for the new Weekend Reads weekly series. Every Friday I want to start the weekend by talking about what I read the week previous and what I hope to read over the weekend. I think it will ultimately take the place of my monthly reading wrap ups and take some of the pressure off of writing reviews.

This week did not look very different from past ones, but I’m hoping this weekend I’ll be able to turn things around on the reading front this September! I’ll be mood reading (i.e. not setting a TBR) for much of the month towards that goal.

 ●  ● Books Read ●  ●  

 Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes | Yes, I’m still stuck on this book. Despite how I said I was finally getting into this book last week, I’ve kind of lost that motivation after the few chapters I read Wednesday morning. It should be pretty easy to finish if I put in the time, that’s why I’ve been reluctant to DNF it.

However, as I write this post, I’m realizing there is no point to continuing with Rebel Spring if I’m not feeling it. I never intended to review it. I guess the main motivation has been the fact that I bought the book a few years ago and I hate the thought of wasting my money on books I never end up reading.

I guess I’m DNF-ing it . . .

 ●  ● Books To Read ●  ●  

 Disrupt You! by Jay Samit | I mentioned this book in one of my last TBRs, but never got to it because I’ve spent the past month and a half on the Falling Kingdoms series that I ultimately decided to DNF (like 5 minutes ago). So I’m excited to finally get to this book! I bought it this year in a birthday book haul, and I’m hoping it’ll give me some ideas for how to make positive changes in my creative life.

 Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones | This book will be my third or fourth reread of this much beloved classic. Last time I read it was either 2014 or 2015 and I’ve been eager to revisit it since it is so different from the movie, which is much more clear in my head. I’d also love the opportunity to review it on this blog!

 ☙ ❧ END NOTE ❧ ☙

I’m always in awe of bloggers who manage to read so many books each week. I feel like I’m pretty slow because I find it necessary to take so many breaks in between pages. I’d like to change up my reading routine and make my reading a bigger focus of my weekend routine, so this weekend will be a fun experiment. In next week’s Weekend Reads, I will be sure to share my results and anything else I may learn about myself and my reading habits.

Thank you for reading!
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