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Happy September! Welcome to my Week in Review, formerly called Weekly Review. Since the blog is currently undergoing some subtle changes, I decided I wanted to rename this weekly feature this month to more accurately reflect what they have become: a summary of my week. Let’s get started.

The last week of August was terrific, until I got a sinus infection.

I started my new part-time job on Tuesday. I’m a part of an eight-person team that manages the after school program hosted at a local elementary school. I was very nervous at first, but the kids have been great for the most part and I feel like I’ve been welcomed with open arms. I will be working from 2:30–6:30 on school days, so I have weekends and my mornings off. That may change, but for now it’s working out really well.

Friday I developed a nasty sinus infection, which has made my weekend slightly miserable. I hope to have surgery this year to open up my nasal passages. It’s a surgery both my parents have had done to help with their breathing, and thus far I’ve tried to manage it on my own. However, I keep getting sinus infections (literally the only reason I get sick) and think it’s finally time to get it over with.

This Week’s Blog Posts

Once again, I only posted once this week. This time it was a brand-spanking-new Novel Progress installment (A New WIP | Novel Progress). I truly missed writing these and was really happy to be able to announce my new novel project. Although I’ve been very slowly working on a version of Come, Beasties since 2017, I really felt that I might lose passion for the project if I didn’t set it aside for a little bit.

 What I Read

I’m still reading Rebel Spring! I truly think I would have been able to finish this book this weekend if my sinuses weren’t so aggravated. I find myself wanting to read it to find out what is going to happen next. And I am excited to finish up the book and finally move on to something else.

I’m planning on moving my “What I Read” updates to a separate weekly blog post as early as next Friday. I’ll be including more than just details about what I read but also my weekend TBRs, short reviews for my immediate reads, and maybe some blog posts/articles I found particularly noteworthy. I’m still trying to figure out the format, but I think it will be a fun post that will free up some space in my Week in Review posts.

 Blog Housekeeping

I was hoping to get a lot done this week. But in between my new job and my latest bout of sinus trouble, I didn’t get much more done beyond some errands, much needed room cleaning, and my workouts. Honestly, I don’t even feel all that bad about it.

I’m playing around with a new blog schedule for this fall that’d encourage me to experiment a bit more on the blog and post a little more regularly. It looks like a lot, but I expect that I won’t post every single day each week. Some weeks there may just be the minimal Week in Review, Novel Progress, and Weekend Reads posts.

Blog Schedule for Fall 2018

 Novel Progress

This Wednesday I finally posted a new writing update (A New WIP | Novel Progress) in which I talked about how I started a new project called Troubling a Star, for which I hope to complete the first draft by November 1, 2018, so I can participate in NaNoWriMo with an entirely new project. It’s ambitious, but I know it’s possible if I remain motivated!

Right now I’ve been plotting Troubling a Star. I decided what kind of story I wanted it to be, so from there I’ve been meticulous about cause-and-effect, because my favorite books are really well plotted in the sense that the characters are actively making decisions and having to react to the consequences of their actions. My tendency when I pants a novel is to write really passive protagonists, so my novel planning also consists of a lot of plot-work.

❧ ☙ END NOTE ☙ ❧

As it is the start of a new month, you may be wondering where my monthly Notes and Goals + TBR are. I’ve been debating whether or not I want to continue these features, specifically the Goals + TBR. I love setting goals, but I feel like they become a constraint when things in my life change rapidly. As I am still looking for a full-time job while working part-time, I feel like I need to keep things simple.

So I’ll be looking for different ways to blog about the things that matter to me in a way that fits best into my changing daily routine. I’ll share more on this soon!

Thank you for reading!
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10 thoughts on “New Month, (Slightly) New Blog | Week in Review

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      I am much better now! Thanks! I switched from a “No drip” nasal spray to one that does drip (not that it’s advertised that way lol) to get rid of what was stuck. Also I got my hands on some NyQuil, so I had a full night of sleep finally.

      As bad as I ever get, I remind myself it could be worse. I’m extremely fortunate I never quite get to that ear ache stage as that, in my limited experience, is one of the worst things to suffer from. I’ll take a sinus headache over a straight-up ear ache any day.

  1. flippingthruthepages

    Sorry for your Sinus :( I hope you are feeling better now.
    And good luck with all the blog changes. Wow, you are aiming for posting almost every day. That’s great :)

    And congratulations on the new job. It’s always good to have a free morning, isn’t it? :D

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      Thanks! And yes, I love having my mornings to myself. I’m a little apprehensive about my schedule, but I want to get rid of some of the pressure I put on myself when it comes to blogging and produce more posts that are shorter but hopefully still as meaningful as anything I post already. ^_^

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      I appreciate it! Thank you. I hope to get a lot done this week now that my sinus trouble has cleared up and I can sit up for longer than 30 minutes without getting a headache ^_^

  2. Marie

    I’m glad to hear your new part-time job is working out well so far! I’m sorry to hear about your sinus though and hope you are feeling better now <3 Best of luck for your plotting and your writing, that's very exciting! :D
    I hope you'll have a lovely September <3

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