Weekly Review | I Got A Part-Time Job!

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Weekly Review. What an exciting week it has been! On Monday I officially resumed the job search. I began saving job listings and applying for positions high and low. While I know I must continue to seek a full-time job, I knew that it made just as much sense to also apply for something that I could theoretically start doing right away.

My mom, ever eager to get me out of the house, sent me a screenshot of city jobs where we live. I applied for positions as a police dispatcher and a recreation leader at the community center and quickly (as in the next day) received a call for an interview for the recreation job!

I managed to keep a cool head about it, not willing to get my hopes up as I have in the past. I didn’t have high hopes about my odds as I don’t have a lot of direct experience working with children, but the interview went really well! I left happy that at the very least I had gotten some practice interviewing and made mental notes of things I would improve upon for next time.

To my complete surprise and delight, I got the call that I’d gotten the job Thursday and quickly went back in to fill out a background check and complete a drug test. I believe I will start training as soon as Monday!

Unlike last year after I settled into my part-time retail job, I do not intend to rest on my laurels. I need a full-time job if I ever hope to move out of my parents’ house and take care of my student debt. But this job should be really fun and something that makes it easier to get my next job.

This Week’s Blog Posts


I only posted once this week, a long blog post (I Am An English Major Looking for Work) in which I tell the story of my job-seeking journey up to this point. It felt really good to open up about my insecurities. It’s embarrassing to be 25 and still never have had a proper full-time job, and I have felt a lot of shame when it comes to talking about it in my real life.

I think it was important to share what I want and that I don’t know what I’m doing. As long as it was my secret shame, I think it was going to continue being difficult putting myself out there to apply for jobs. I feel like I’ve told the universe what I want with confidence and hopefully it will soon provide given that I don’t give up trying.

 What I Read


I didn’t read very much this week, but that I read at all is feat worth celebrating! I’ve not been feeling reading so much lately, probably because of all the other stuff I’ve got going on. Hopefully I’ll break this funk soon, and reading will become the joy and comfort it was for me earlier this year.

I started Rebel Spring immediately after finishing Falling Kingdoms, but I only really read the first two chapters. So I basically had to start from the beginning when I picked it up again this week.

I can’t really say if I’m enjoying this story very much. I’m not significantly attached to any of the characters and am easily exasperated with all the melodrama, but it’s proving a fun and fast read. It’s actually making me really want to read the Lunar Chronicles again, I think because of the rotating perspectives and similar writing? I don’t know!

 Blog Housekeeping

Last week I shared a short to-do list of things I wanted to complete in the immediate future. I made a little progress there this week.

  1. I renamed my About page.
  2. I deleted my Resolutions of 2018 page because I don’t find it very relevant anymore.
  3. I added the category of Bookshelves to encompass all my future bookish posts and contain all my book-related static pages in the drop down menu, including: Book Reviews A–Z, Read in 2017, and Read in 2018.

Blog design-wise, I also began doing some research on how to use my drawing tablet to create my blog logo and new featured images. I also did some preliminary sketches of what I’d like to create, but I’m not sure how long it will take me to bring my visions to life. I feel like right now I will need to keep it simple. Then hopefully with time, I’ll be able to complete what I have in mind.

This week my main goal is to take a good new picture for my social media. I feel like I need to go somewhere where there’s good natural lighting, but I never go anywhere. I may have to force myself to go eat out at the nearest Panera Bread! Maybe I’ll take the MacBook Pro and write . . .

 Novel Progress

I actually have something to share about writing this week! I finally Skyped with my writing buddy again after about two weeks. She recently completed her most recent draft of her novel and was expressing her desire to plot her next book (she’s more naturally a pantser). I told her how I did it and that she could look at my most recent outlines.

I had meant to send her my final, completed one, but I was really stuck again and not sure what to do. I decided maybe she could help me figure out what the plot needs so I also sent her my specific questions so she could also know what kind of feedback I want. If this works, I’m going to be so annoyed I didn’t ask for her help sooner!

I’m still waiting on her feedback, but I started a new outline that includes more plot details. I also started a Scrivener project where I hope to start adding scenes that come to mind, even if they ultimately don’t fit into the main draft. I just want to start writing without any reserve and feel like Scrivener is the tool because I will be able to easily view and rearrange scenes when/if they become permanent.

❧ ☙ END NOTE ☙ ❧

There’s just one week of August left and there’s so much I hope to accomplish in that time. We’ll see how it goes, considering I may begin work training as early as Monday. I don’t know my hours yet, but I think the weekday shifts will be any combination of morning (6–9:30 a.m.) and afternoon (2:30–6 p.m.) shifts.

I’m really excited! It’s going to be great to be working with children during fall. It’s my favorite time of year. I think it’s going to be like being a teacher without all the boring lessons and all the fun activities instead. ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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