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Welcome to my inaugural Weekly Review. Since I’ve begun to post more regularly this month, I figure it’s about time I start doing some sort of weekly update post that makes it easy for anyone who’s interested to keep up with the goings on here at Betwined Reads!

This past week has been really productive all around! While I didn’t read that much, I completed some blog posts that have been well overdue, read, and even did some blog hopping this weekend.

Blogging has become one of my biggest priorities at this time of my life, so I just want to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has decided to follow and who leaves comments! I love expressing myself through my blog and you all make it worth it. While my life and priorities may change sooner or later, I’m really excited to continue to share my bookish thoughts and lifestyle on Betwined Reads!

This Month’s Blog Posts (So Far)

  1. July Goals + TBR ➹
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  5. #MakeMeRead It Read-A-Thon 2018 Poll | Vote!  There’s still time to vote!
  6. Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko | ★★★★
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  8. Novel Progress #1: A Fresh Start
  9. Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene | ★★★½
  10. Blogger Aesthetics | Blog Tag

 Currently Reading

  1. How I Resist: Activism and Hope for the Next Generation (edited) by Maureen Johnson |  | This was originally going to be one of my first reads of August, but I found it was just calling to me. Since it is essentially an anthology, it has been really easy to read a few pieces here and there and then put it down. I’ve loved some pieces and others . . . not so much. Stay tuned for the review this Thursday (8/2)!
  2. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor|| I actually haven’t started this book but it is still on my immediate agenda and I may start it as early as tonight! It’s just such a large tome and I’m a little intimidated.

 Blog Housekeeping

  • I started a new weekly feature on this blog called Novel Progress. Here’s a link to the first post and you can expect more each Wednesday.
  • I updated my Book Reviews (A-Z) page with all the book reviews listed on this blog. I also have included titles that I hope to read this year, so you can check that out if you would like a previous of the reviews to come!

 Novel Progress

I decided to include this section on these weekly posts just in case I have something major happen story-wise that I neglect to talk about on Wednesdays. This morning I Skyped with my writing buddy and we did a lot of writing together.

I’ve set a new mini-deadline of Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to complete the plot summary-outline that I’ve been working out. I have had a lot of the big plot points of this story worked out for weeks, but things move around and change as I develop characters and their relationships. I’ll talk more about this process in a few weeks!


  1. I moved my furniture! One thing I doubt I’ve mentioned before here on this blog, but I love moving my furniture around. I won’t try to explain why, but the main reason this time is I almost kept hitting my head on my desk, which was beside my bed. Now it’s facing the window, which is nice for taking bookish pictures. It also makes me feel more awake if I’m stuck at my desk for a while.
  2. My dad returned from Israel this Friday! We spent all week getting the house together for him, cleaning and stockpiling his favorite foods that he can’t get in Israel. He’s lost a lot of weight, which is really good for his health. I think going to work overseas has been one of the best things to ever happen for him, and I can’t wait for him to go back! ^_^
  3. I started looking for jobs again! With my dad back I’ve really had the itch to move out of my parents’ house finally and start making money. The thing is I hate looking and applying for jobs. It’s really hard not knowing exactly what I want to do or more accurately what-I-want-to-do-and-can-make-money-from-doing. I was thinking I may start doing regular job search updates on the blog in case anyone is interested or in my same predicament.
  4. I’ve increased my work out routine. I’ve gradually been working on my fitness this year with modest success. I can’t weigh myself (as I find it really bad for my mental health), but I’ve noticed a difference in the mirror, in how I feel, and in how clothes fit. At this point, I’m working out at least once a day for an hour on the elliptical and doing about 30 minutes of weight-lifting in our garage each evening. I feel myself becoming stronger and I love it!

❧ ☙ END NOTE ☙ ❧

I hope you liked this post! I’ll welcome any feedback about anything you might like me to add or any recommendations of weekly updates that you love. Next week I will be on vacation, so next week’s Weekly Review may be a little late but hopefully not! I plan to get a lot of my blog posts done ahead of time this week so I’m able to relax and focus on blog hopping and comments while I’m away!

I have random little blog post in the works for tomorrow that some of you may find an useful resource, so I hope to see you then!

Thank you for reading!
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2 thoughts on “Weekly Review | A Big Thank You

  1. Cailin @ Rose Petal Pages

    omg you are going to LOVE Strange the Dreamer! I know it’s huge but the story is so good and the writing is so beautiful that you’ll wish it were longer. And I’m also seriously excited for your novel progress updates <3

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      Thanks, Cailin! Now I’m really excited! I hoped to start Strange the Dreamer this month, but now it may become the first read of August. How I Resist is just…taking up all my mental space right now. It’s short, I just need to power through! ^_^

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