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Here it is! The long-awaited post I’ve been promising for over a month now. Today I’m sharing a short list of blogs that I am currently loving. These are the blogs inspire me to grow and be my best. Originally, I was just going to share the blogs that I discovered specifically in June and were relatively low in their follower count, but I realized early in June that the blogs that I’m most loving are for the most part ahead of me by leaps and bounds!

Making this post was a lot harder than I originally thought it would be. From the beginning I knew I didn’t want to just list blogs and provide no explanation. Also, the more time passed the more that I felt I should include. I even had to reassess the list of blogs I originally intended to showcase because I eventually found I was not as enamored with some of these blogs as I originally thought.

The blogs I share below all share a few factors. I think these blogs are incredibly well written, conversational, and for the most part visually captivating (even if they’re relatively simple). The bloggers post what feels like really authentic and original content (even if they do a lot of memes). I’m attracted to the friendly and thoughtful personalities I detect behind these blogs. And, finally, I feel like I can trust their opinions on the books they read and review.

~ Epitomes of the Bookish Lifestyle Aesthetic ~

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the first two of these bloggers. It was around the time of BookCon in NYC and I was just finding so many wonderful posts that recapped the event on their blogs. After investigating their blogs, I found these two are good pals and do a lot of collaborative and creative posts that are fantastic. They talk books, but they also talk NYC restaurants and culture. Their blogs and lives are so dreamy.

• Hello, Chelly 

• Alexa Loves Books

~ Co-Blogging Virtuosos ~

Of Wonderland • I don’t know how they work, but I’m amazed when I discover blogs are run by more than one person. My old book blogging pal Ely has jumped from a couple of collaborative blogs in the time I’ve know her, most recently becoming a part of the terrific Of Wonderland team. I’ve since also become friendly with book blogger with Inge, another of Of Wonderland‘s super kind and friendly bloggers. I highly recommend checking out this gorgeous blog.

~ SuperHeroes of Book Blogging ~

I think I was following all of these blogs long before I made my return to blogging this year and I feel like I would be depriving anyone who is not already familiar with these blogs from the greatness that these blogs exude. I call them superheroes because not only do they produce so much blog content on a variety of thought-provoking, interesting topics that also are such lovely bloggers who regularly reach out and comment on others’ blogs, even complete newbies like me. They are literally pillars of this community.

The Orangutan Librarian  •

The Bibliophagist

Drizzle and Hurricane Books  •

~ Voices of Distinction ~

Rose Petal Pages • I love Cailin’s blog aesthetic. I like that the books she talks about are a mixture of new releases and also classics that I would personally be likely to read. I find her writing style so concise and clear in portraying her thoughts about the books she reveals and the way they made her feel. Her reviews are amongst my favorite. I look forward to seeing where she takes her blog (she just started in April)!

Novel Ink • I don’t always like blogs that review a lot of ARCs on their blogs, mostly because I find they sugarcoat books or overemphasis a book’s good or (more often) simply mediocre qualities often while ignoring the bad, but I actually find Madalyn’s reviews really helpful in getting a good sense of a book. Her critiques are really thoughtful and actually useful for me in determining if I might like the book. I really just vibe with her writing style and taste in books.

E, My Narrative • Emma’s blog is a real treat. It’s unlike your regular, standard book blog. She doesn’t rely on blog tags, she isn’t overly hyperbolic. She’s a voice I feel like I can trust. Like many of my favorite blogs, the books she talks about are a mixture of new releases and older/underhyped books (she gets major points for talking about Agatha Christie)! I feel like we have similar sensibilities in our writing (or maybe that’s all in my head), which is why I’m so drawn to her posts!

Flickering Lights • I think she’s been away on holiday, but Kristin’s blog is really elegant and her insights are really precise and thoughtful. Sometimes just reading her quick thoughts on books from her TBR convince me they are worth reading, even if I’d already written the book of as something I wasn’t interested in. I do so hope she comes back! I think she has a great future in book blogging ahead of her.

Reading Peaches • Anna is one of those bloggers who you can just tell is really well read. Her specialty, in my opinion, is her book recommendations based around a specific genre, theme, or miscellaneous element. Her recommendations go beyond your big name, new releases and the over-hyped books that you see pop up in post after post in your WordPress Reader or Bloglovin’ feeds. Chances are you can go her to her blog and find something that is just right for your specific interest or need!

Paper Blots • I adore her long-style blog posts. I like that I often come away with notes about her culture (e.g. food) and interests. She covers a lot of ground in her posts, which makes them super fun reads. And her books discussions don’t get bogged down with too many details; she great at sticking to highlights. I also really appreciate her honesty in calling out problematic books and/or tropes. I really appreciate bloggers who aren’t afraid to share if they don’t like a book (and the reasons why).

Sparkling Letters • Puput is the Indonesian blogger behind this lovely blog. It’s another one of those elegant, well-written blogs that provide just lovely descriptive reviews. It’s clear she puts a lot of work and love into her blog posts and it shows. She took a break from blogging for a little while, but she’s back and with a really healthy outlook towards blogging that I admire. I also hearing reading about her specific perspective as a book blogger who lives on the other side of the world.

~ Personality-Based, Non-Book BlogGERs ~

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t share the blogs I follow that I also love and read almost every time a new post of theirs pops up in my feeds. These are not book bloggers, nor are they even known specifically for blogging. They are blogs that I love because I admire the people behind them.

Anna Saccone I discovered Anna through the SacconeJolys’ vlog channel around Fall 2013, when they had just Emilia and Eduardo and were new to England. To be honest, I found her a little cold and mean at first, but then I grew to love her and she’s like the closest thing I have to a role model in my adult life. We don’t have much in common, we don’t even really have the same tastes in fashion or style, but I actually feel like we’re closer in personality than I originally thought and admire her vulnerable side. Also, she’s the first person who ever made me think maybe I’d like to be a mom one day.

Kristina Horner Kristina is an OG YouTuber that I remember from when I was just discovering the breadth of YouTube in college (~ 2012). I’ve love going through her backlog and seeing what awesome stuff she was doing from a young age . (Oh, how I wish I had her confidence and good humor growing up!) I discovered she had a blog a couple of years ago and decided to follow it because she talks a lot more about her writing there, and we share that interest. She doesn’t vlog or blog much these days, but I’m still holding out hope she’ll find a way to come back and have fun.

Marzia Bisognin • Marzia is a Brighton-based Italian YouTube content creator who started her vlog as an alternative place to share more personal things in greater detail than she is comfortable on YouTube where she has a massive following because of her boyfriend Felix (a.k.a. PewDiePie). I love her creative projects and vlogging style. I’ve found a lot of inspiration to write creepy, strange, beautiful stories from her and be creator in a larger sense as well. She’s living the dream!

❧ ☙ END NOTE ☙ ❧

In case you missed them, this post is kind of a conclusion to the blog hopping series I did in June (see “Blog Hopping in June” and “The Follow Up to Blog Hopping in June“). I discovered a good many of these book blogs during that time and some in July that I included since it took me so long to get this post together!

I was surprised by the interest in this post, and it intimidated me for a while there. I’m glad I’ve now done it! I even think it’d be nice to do one of these at least once a year, just because I like to think that there are even more great bloggers out there that I’m not yet aware of because they’re still growing and finding their legs.

What qualities do your favorite book blogs share? Do you think you could list some of your favorite bloggers off the top of your head? 

Thank you for reading!
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    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      You are so welcome! I know how powerful some encouragement can be so I’m happy if this gives you some excitement to keep going! Feel free to reach of if you ever need anything <3

  1. E

    Thank you ever so much for including me, this really made me smile and made me want to keep up with my blog! I love yours too, and your support means everything X

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      You’re welcome! And best of luck with everything, including the BookTube thing! I really admire you for putting yourself out there ^_^

  2. Marie

    Oh wow, I am so, so, so honored to be featured in this blog post alongside so many incredible bloggers! Thank you so, so much for thinking of me, your sweet words means the world to me and I am so glad you enjoyed my blog posts, work and content I put out there. Thank you for the support, that means everything! <3 <3
    Definitely bookmarking this to check out all of the lovely blogs I don't know later on. Thank you for doing this and spreading the love!! <3 <3

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      You’re welcome! I mean every word. Blog hopping and commenting is so much additional work on top of running a really great blog, and I’m so happy to recognize bloggers who go out of their way to encourage others and make others feel welcome in the community too <3

      1. Marie

        Aww that means the world <3 <3 <3 And yes it's so important to support book bloggers, I love reading these kind of posts spreading the love this way – definitely something I need to do more, too <3 <3

    1. Lori @ Betwined Reads

      I’m glad! In addition to letting these bloggers know I love them, I hoped that this post might be useful to anyone looking for more great blogs to follow ^_^

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