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I wasn’t sure I was going to participate in the Make Me Read It Read-a-Thon this year as I’ve typically used this read-a-thon as an opportunity to read popular YA titles that I’ve been meaning to get to but the right time had just never come to pick them up (a.k.a. procrastination). Since I’ve burned through almost all my YA titles, I wasn’t sure it’d even be worth putting out a poll on the random literary fiction books high on my personal TBR these days. But, I’ve since had the idea I may use this challenge to knock some classics off my TBR, and therein lies my theme for this read-a-thon!

Read-a-Thon Info

The Make Me Read It Read-a-Thon is hosted by the lovely Ely @ Tea and Titles and Val @ The Innocent Smiley. The way this read-a-thon works is you choose a selection of books that you are willing and able to read this year between August 6–13, 2017, make a poll, and ask for your followers to vote to decide which books you will tackle during the week-long reading event. The theme of this read-a-thon is to force yourself to read books you just haven’t gotten around to yet. Maybe they’re overhyped online or a book that you were supposed to read for that one class…

After you’ve shared your post with the poll, search the tag #MakeMeRead on Twitter & Instagram to find others who need people to vote on their polls!

The Poll

Since I still want to participate as I’ve done very few read-a-thons in the past few months and definitely need to participate in more to catch up on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, I decided to give myself more of a challenge by providing a collection of classics that are unofficially on my life bucket list TBR.  The thought of reading any of these books at the moment scares me, so it’s with a twisted sort of excitement that I look forward to seeing what books win!

Realistically speaking, I’ll likely only be able to read about two books during the read-a-thon, so make your vote count (And maybe only vote for about three books maximum)! Depending on how this experience goes, I may be turned  off of reading classics for at least another year ;)

End Note

I will announce the winners of this vote a day or two ahead of the read-a-thon’s start date in August with an official TBR. Meanwhile on this blog, you may soon find a TBR for the Summer Biannual Bibliothon, a read-a-thon which runs next week across BookTube, book blogs, and other bookish social media! I look forward to being more active on here and upping my reading game.

Thanks ahead of time for voting and please feel free to leave a link to your own poll if you’d like me to vote on it! I’m having fun blog hopping and voting wherever I can. :)

Thank you for reading!
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16 thoughts on “#MakeMeRead It Read-a-Thon Poll | Vote!

    1. Lori

      Would you believe I had already voted on your poll! I think I found a link to it via Twitter :D Thanks for voting!

  1. Amy @ Bursting with Books

    Yay, so glad you’re joining! I love this readathon. ☺️ I voted for the Jane Austen books because I loved Pride and Prejudice. I hope you enjoy the winners! ;-) My poll is in my most recent post on my blog. :-D

    1. Lori

      Thanks, Amy! Your poll was probably the first one I voted for and helped me realize I did want to participate :) Thanks! I’ve also read Pride & Prejudice and loved it so I look forward to any excuse to read more of Austen’s the in future. I watch Sense & Sensibility last year and loved it so think it would be a very fun read.

  2. Cassie's Library

    I voted! Doctor Faustus was my vote. I am also doing the read-a-thon this year. It is going to be interesting to see what we end up having to read with this. I chose books that had been on my shelf for awhile to read, sprinkled with a couple more recent books that I have been meaning to get around to read as well. Looking forward to participating in this with you!

    1. Lori

      Ahhh Doctor Faustus is actually the scariest one I put on my list as it’s super long and dense! It’s definitely one I want to be able to say I’ve read, so thank you ^_^ I voted on your poll and loved some of the choices I saw! I voted for Howl’s Moving Castle (I love Diana Wynne Jones!), The Hate You Give (which sounds amazing), and The Jungle (which I recall from history class ;)).

    1. Lori

      Ahhh great! This is personally at the top of my list as it sounds the most exciting and relevant to me as I have a character that I’m writing that is supposed to be an adventurer! Thanks for voting :)

    1. Lori

      Done :) I wasn’t familiar with many of the titles in your poll so my choices might be considered wild card votes! Best of luck!

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