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wordboundI decided since my writing update this weekend was so well received to start doing the occasional writing-themed link up. One I really like by a YouTuber I really like, Kristina Horner, is #Wordbound Wednesdays. This weekly writing meme is provides you with prompts that were created with a the goal of keeping the collective excitement of the writing community alive throughout the year beyond NaNoWriMo.

This week’s prompt was to take an author photo and write an author bio. Here are mine:

Lori is a graduate student and book blogger interested in all things new media. She is perpetually working on her first book which tends to be a blend of familiar stories and her favorite genres. A life-long lover of the written word and stories of all kinds, she enjoys writing stories with realistic female characters, complex sub-plots, mysterious world conflicts, and a touch of witchcraft & trickery. When she is not writing, she is busy reading about media and its effect or assisting with undergraduate classes. Sometimes she can also be found eating, sleeping, or binge-watching talk shows on YouTube. She currently lives in Dallas while she finishes up her Master’s in Emerging Media & Communication and looks for a job while she contemplates going for her PhD. 

End Note

Since this is a fun little exercise I’d like to see more people do, I’m going to tag two writer friends I have to do this too: Elle from Nishume Chronicles and Ely from Tea & Titles. I also encourage anyone else to do it who likes the idea of it as well and leave a link in the comments so I can see it too!

Thank you for reading!
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