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As I’m just about finished tinkering with the template and layout of this blog for now, I’ve decided to make my first official post of this new blog. In case you didn’t follow me from my old self-hosted blog Book & Pixels, formerly Ink Keys & Other Things, I thought I’d give you a brief introduction to me.

I start book blogging in January 2015 in my final year at Iowa State University where I was working on my B.A. in English lit. That blog was on WordPress.com Books o’ the Wisp, and I had a grand ole time blogging there, but once I started my Master’s at UT Dallas, I realized I wanted something different where I could talk more about my studies and life in general and also wanted to have a bit more control over customization. So I created a new blog with BlueHost and Wordpress.org.

As I anticipate taking a year off before my PhD, I’ve decided to start a new book blog focused more exclusively on books and have it hosted on WordPress.com again, because I think it’s just easier to connect with other bloggers here and I’ve realized I don’t need the extra frills of a self-hosted blog. I’m currently a Master’s student and TA at UT Dallas. This is my final semester here and has turned out to be my busiest yet, so please hang with me as I sort out my life and this blog. :)

To get a sense of the types of content I’ll be posting here, see my Features page with a list of the post ideas I have in mind. I can’t commit to schedule just yet, but I’d like to eventually be posting one of each type every month in addition to the random reading wrap ups, TBRs, etc. that I feel like doing on the spot on any given day. Also feel free to check out my other blog pages to find if you’d to get a better sense of me and if you’d like to follow my blog.

Before I go, I also thought I’d give a reading update. I’m currently reading The Fate of the Tearling, the final book in The Queen of the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen. I’m loving it so much. I’ve been waiting for this book for almost two years since I discovered the first two and I’m so excited to find out how the story wraps up. I’m hoping I’ll finish this book by next weekend and be able to post my first book review on here sometime soon.

If you want to find me on my other social media places, I’m posting some links below. Some of them still need to be updated to reflect my new blog, but feel free to give them a follow if you’re interested. I’ll be updating them very soon.


Thank you for reading!
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